Hi, I'm Vincent R. Wolf,

Thank you for visiting my Web Site. I hope you are enjoying my compilation of Photography.

Here's A little about myself:

I've always liked the outdoors, even as a small child growing up in Saskatchewan. I spent most of my time outside playing and exploring on the large acreage that we lived on at the time. Something seems to draw me out there, to see, to discover all that I can. Perhaps this is why I chose photography, a desire to share that which I see and discover, to show people to the best of my abilities what a beautiful world we live in.

I can remember it clearly just like it was yesterday, that moment when photography found a place in my heart. I was 13 years old, we had just moved to Canmore, Alberta, Canada the previous year and I was out at a local park when I noticed my friend's father over by the trees.

I went up to investigate as to what he was doing like most children do. He was kneeled down close to a tree looking through a tripod supported camera. He looked up to see me there and we talked for a little while and then he asked me if I wanted to look though his camera, of course! As I peered through the viewfinder, the image struck me like a seed rooting itself in the soil, there was a beautiful little blue butterfly posing perfectly on a rich green leaf.

I didn't know it at the time but that image, that first real look through a lens changed something inside me that would remain and transform the way I looked at the world forever.

It wasn't until I was 16 that I received my first camera as a Christmas gift, just a small point & shoot, but it was a start! I quickly went out taking pictures of anything and everything, (When I could afford film that is!), thinking I was the best but I got a lot of "Oh-ya... those are..ummm..pretty good, ya", so I quickly blamed it on my camera and that I needed a better one. A soon as I could afford it I went out and got my first SLR camera. Soon afterwards I got my first car, (uh-oh), and my interest in photography dwindled to merely a few snapshots every so often.

When I reached the age of 21 I sat down and really thought about what it was that I wanted to do with the rest of my life, what kind of career I wanted to pursue. After months of agonizing thought, I came to the conclusion that photography was the path for me, it was the one thing that stuck with me since I started and it was the only thing that I was truly happy doing.

The road of a Professional photographer has lots of challenges and is a hard field to get into but I'm on the edge and almost there. I can never give up.

To know, to see, to feel, to share, and bring to the world images of joy, that convey the beauty of this Earth and that which is in it, is what I wish to do.